Saving the World 

One Cuddle 

At A Time!



Miss DeMille has been a Professional Cuddler since 2018 through the website Cuddle Comfort.  During this time she has worked with clients in cities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland, South Florida, and the Bay Area. 

Scientifically Cuddling releases Oxytocin, aka the “Cuddle Hormone.”  It is a hormone released into the body that creates a natural high.  And Oxytocin's trigger? Tender touch!

In the past 10 years, Platonic Cuddling has become quite the rage.  During this time, Cuddling has evolved from a playfully intimate display of affection to a successful industry centered around the philosophy of consent.   Professional Cuddling is a new form of therapy and self-care that has become very popular in large cities around the world (Portland even has a Cuddling Club!).  Websites like Cuddle Comfort and Cuddlist count their members in the hundreds of thousands. 

In 2019, Miss DeMille created The Cuddle Collective with a pre-Covid goal of creating Public Cuddle Puddles at music festivals, art events, and in the corporate environment to help mainstream this valuable form of touch therapy!

Kitty Kat looks forward to a time when the outside world catches up to the dream inside her head.