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There's more to life than what meets the eye!

Miss DeMille has been professionally reading with the Rider-Waiter Tarot Deck for seven years now in locations such as San Diego, Los Angles, New York City, and Las Vegas.

During this time she has been employed as a spiritual advisor for the phone service Psychic Elements under the name Selina.  Past clients include such companies as Moët & Chandon, SnapChat, State Street Bank, the High Times Cannabis Cup, First Friday Las Vegas, and numerous weddings and private parties. 


Her spiritual education background includes studying with premiere teachers in New York and Los Angles including Shaman Durek, Bashar, and Marilyn Alauria. 

In regards to her Psychic Gifts, Miss DeMille strongest skill is in the form of Clairaudience (the intuitive ability to hear beyond the normal range, the literal meaning being “Clear Hearing.").  Her other gifts also include Clairvoyance (aka "Clear Seeing"), Clairsentience (aka "Clear Feeling"), and Claircognizant (aka "Clear Knowing").  The purpose of intuitive gifts is to give us a greater understanding of love and life, which in turn, changes the quality and experience of our lives.

In Miss DeMille's readings she focuses on vocal tonality and energetics along with using the cards as an symbolic tool to further illustrate to clients the trajectory of their energy patterns and belief systems.  

Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.

--Roald Dahl

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